Greetings, radiant souls!  My name is Jamie, the Creatrix of Sovereign Soul.  I am a certified Reiki Master, certified Life Coach, sound therapy practitioner, and intuitive Priestess. My soul's mission is to empower, guide, and heal others using ancient spiritual knowledge, tools, and sacred healing practices. I use my heart, my intuition, and my connection to the Divine as my guiding force and inspiration behind all that I offer.

My intention with all offerings at Sovereign Soul is to be a beacon of light for you, to hold a safe space for you, and to remind you of your power in this human experience. To walk this winding path of life alongside you, extending unconditional love, compassion, knowledge, and healing- and to help you restore your faith and trust in the spiral of your life journey. I aim to be a source of empowerment so that you can continue to grow, transform, heal, and evolve- alchemizing darkness into light, stepping into your truth, and reclaiming the throne of your soul's sovereignty.

Being sovereign is being in your power. It is knowing that your power, your truth, and your connection to higher guidance and wisdom exists within you. We all have a frequency and a truth within us that is meant to be discovered and shared. We are multi-dimensional, and we get to CHOOSE and CREATE our reality in every moment. My mission is to help you remember this, and then help you live from that place of ultimate inner connection, energetic balance, and unapologetic sovereignty.

We are now, individually and collectively experiencing unprecedented times of change, growth, shifts, and rebirths on this planet. It is an honor to be existing here on Earth at this time, to help assist others during this extremely dynamic, potent, and exciting shift of the ages.

Under the "Products" tab you will see my current offerings. I also teach yoga and regularly schedule gatherings, meditations, healing circles, group sound baths, and retreats! Stay tuned & check the EVENTS tab for updates!

Thank you for being here with me as we beckon in a new dawn!