Quantum Healing Immersion

  • Quantum Healing Immersion

This illuminating experience is 2-3 hours long and is uniquely personalized in the moment, depending on what you are navigating and what you are in need of energetically. This is an in-depth, transformative healing session that extensively weaves together all of my offerings and tools into one intimate and powerful journey.

As a guide and cosmic conduit, this gives me the ultimate freedom to hold sacred space, connect with and activate your energy, and intuitively flow with Spirit so that you can receive what is most needed. Alternating between many layered modalities allows me to provide you the highest and best healing experience that I have to offer.

This immersion will provide many things such as cleansing, balance, relaxation, insight, guidance, support, customized practices, channeled recommendations, and more. Hot tea will be made available at the end of the session for final moments of integration and reflection.

It is my intention with this experience to shed a loving light on your current state of being from an energetic, holistic, and spiritual perspective: body, mind, and soul: bringing forth wisdom, clarity, empowerment, and quantum healing for your journey ahead.

This immersion includes:
Aura Cleansing
Guided Meditation
Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing
Sacred Sound Therapy
Tarot Guidance
Customized, channeled mantra & symbol for your home practice
& more!

Please select the "Service Purchase" option when checking out. I will contact you directly to schedule your appointment once I receive your purchase.

***I have recently relocated to Nevada, but I will be back to the Hamburg, NY area every few months to continue seeing clients. My next available sessions will be in the month of July, 2023. Please keep this in mind when booking a session!