"I recently had a Reiki session performed by Jamie to assist with a block I have been having due to unresolved issues. She was able to help free the blocks in my Chakras, but more importantly, she listened without judgment. This freed me in a way I could not really explain. To me, its more than just Reiki. She uses Reiki, sound healing, crystals, listening, and sums it up at the end while giving you some additional tips on how to move forward. This was an absolutely amazing experience to which I feel could benefit anyone." -Jennifer D.

"I had an amazing Tarot reading with Jamie. It was such a beautiful experience for me, and I truly felt that not only was Jamie so very in tune with my energy, with the energy of the Earth, and with the energy of Spirit, but that she was really enjoying conveying the beautiful messages that she was channeling for me. Although I did not have a specific question, and was moreso looking for guidance to help lead me to the right path, Jamie's answers and directions were clear, specific, and gave me so much confidence to follow my intuition and trust myself and trust the Universe. I left her space feeling lighter and connected with my soul. I would absolutely see her again, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance." -Lauren T.

"I didn't know what to expect since it was my first Tarot card reading but I could not have asked for a better first reading! Jamie was immediately inviting and the atmosphere was calm and beautiful. Everything was explained thoroughly so I understood the path the reading was taking. I felt so comfortable and was able to receive some powerful messages and even got a bit emotional at the end with how clear the messages were coming through! I would absolutely come back for another reading!" -Sarah B.

"I saw Jamie for sound and energy healing and would definitely recommend it! Jamie is very knowledgable about frequencies, brain waves, meditation, and healing techniques. She is able to effectively use this knowledge to create an experience that is both meditative and inspiring!" -Jimmy Z.

"I felt Jamie really connected with my current experience and what I am going through. It was actually a bit surreal how on point it was with how I was feeling. I felt very comfortable in her presence and space. And I felt she really cared and was immersed in my reading to give me the messages and guidance I needed. I really enjoyed the experience and I'm glad I booked the session. Very loving and caring person." -Alex M.

"I received so many insights and so much clarity from my session with Jamie. She held a really, really incredible space. And as a space holder myself, I really am discerning with the people that I share my energy field with. She is just incredible on all levels, and the wisdom and the guidance I received really are propelling me forward into this next year." -Chris A.

"My Reiki session with Jamie was more than I could have hoped for. I have been looking for someone I connected with, someone who made me feel comfortable. Jamie checked all the boxes. She made sure I felt safe, and explained everything before starting. The session truly balanced me. Where there was heaviness before, it was left with white, healing light. I left with a feeling of peace and excitement for the future. She has a gift and I can't recommend her enough." -Arielle B.

"I've seen Jamie for Tarot readings, which are always a positive, uplifting experience, and her amazing sound baths that are so relaxing. I always feel so energized, recharged, and in such a great mood afterwards. I can't recommend Jamie and her amazing services enough!" -Jeanine Z.

"To say that the past few months have been rough is an understatement. And my reading with Jamie was the only thing that gave me some clarity and peace to take the next steps to start to get out of this funk! -Angela P.

"I recently started working with Jamie and she has helped me more than 15 years of therapy and any medication I've ever been on. The Universe sent me a healing gift when I crossed paths with Jamie." -Bridget B.

"I've had several powerful and transformative Reiki and sound healing sessions with Jamie. Each session took me deep to connect with emotions stored in my body and also took me to a deep resting state. Jamie's sessions help me to access, connect with, and clear deep stored emotions. I highly recommend her sessions. She is very kind, professional, and is always positive, supportive, and understanding." -Kendra D.

"Thank you for the sound bath last night. I still feel like I'm floating and slept through the night for the first time in months!" -Jess

"I just had the most amazing personal healing sound bath and an awesome Tarot reading with Jamie. It was such a magical experience and I feel like a new person!" Kelly A.

"Yesterday's Reiki session was great. My right shoulder and neck pain is gone! And that pain was pretty intense for a couple days before my session! Thank you. It was beautiful." -Lauren L.

"That was a really powerful experience for me, and I've been telling my closest family and friends about parts of the Reiki session. I woke up the next morning feeling better than I had in months. I will definitely be back." -Bridget D

"A few days after my private sound bath, I am still pain free. Thank you." -Dawn P.

"Everyone in this area needs to spend an afternoon with this beautiful soul." -Dyann C

"My reading with the wonderful Jamie was exactly what I needed to hear and it helped put some clarity on my life at the moment!" -Chrissy H.

“Your readings are always so aligned with my current thoughts and current themes in my life, it’s crazy. They are always so in sync with how I feel. You summed up everything I’ve been feeling lately. You always confirm exactly what I’m asking for clarity on during a reading! It really confirmed some thoughts I’ve been having on some actions I need to take, and now I think I really need to start taking them. So spot on. This was the final confirmation I needed. So beyond perfect. Thank you so much!” -Donna L.

“I’m crying good tears. Thank you. You’re extremely talented!” -Caitlin C.

“My reading was SPOT ON. As soon as I saw my cards, I got chills! It’s like you’re inside my brain! You were meant to do this. Thank you so much.” -Shea G.

“Thank you so much for my reading! It was all so accurate. You’re amazing! It really is a relief to read all of this.” -Marissa W.

“Thank you SO much for my card reading. All of it resonates deeply with me and is definitely aligned with everything going on my way.” -Alana

“I absolutely loved my visit to Sovereign Soul! I went to get my Tarot cards read…I have never done this before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jamie was kind and welcoming. I instantly felt comfortable with her, which I feel is important for such a personal experience. She explained everything as she did it, kept me in the loop the entire time, and made sure I understood things. We went through all of my cards, which lined up perfectly with my current life events. Jamie explained each card and what it means and made sure I comprehended it before moving to the next. I left feeling understood & comforted, knowing I was on the path toward things I want. I can’t recommend her enough! I plan on returning to Sovereign Soul for a few more readings and some other things she offers!” -Joelle S.